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So why hire us to sell your home when there are so many agents out there?

Experience Matters

With over 20 years of combined experience, we have seen it all. In this business, EXPERIENCE MATTERS and we will maximize your investment by selling your home for top dollar!

The TEAM Approach

When you hire a team to sell your home, you can be rest assured that someone will always be available when you need them most.

Expert Marketing

Our team will expertly market your home through channels like social media, websites, and multiple listing services.


We Provide an HONEST Assessment of your Home

We will provide you with an honest market assessment of your home by showing you what similar homes have recently sold for in your area AND MORE IMPORTANTLY where your competition is in terms of active lisitngs. By knowing the true value of your home and how you stack up against your competition, we will build a strategy to maximize the sale of your home!


We Help In Prepping Your Home For Sale

While every home is different, we have a contact list of several professionals that we work with in order to get your home ready, before the professional photographers are on the scene, working their magic. 


Display Cards - Next Level Sales!!

After completing a property profile of your home and neighbourhood, we create and display all of the 'features and benefits' on display cards and post them all around your home as a way of educating prospective buyers (and their agents) that your home is better than the others they've seen that day (your competition). This is our next level of sales that has proven to be very effective. I've included examples of these display cards below...





We take Covid-19 very seriously and have modified some of our services to protect our sellers, particularly as it relates to showings. Some of these changes include: 

  • We limit all buyer showings to 3 people (including the agent) and ask that no children are present

  • We set a 30 min maximum to showings and do not allow overlapping of bookings

  • We require that all agents and their clients wear a mask during the showing and to sanitize their hands before walking through your home

  • We have all buyer agents sign a covid-19 declaration form BEFORE their showing is approved

  • We encourage all agents to show their clients the online virtual tour before they book a showing

  • Instead of traditional feature sheets, we offer a 'touchless' online feature sheet that includes all of the photos that would have been included in the feature sheets of the past PLUS additional information such as walk-score, floor plans, neighbourhood essential maps, etc. Here is an example of a display card we posted at a recent listing...

This process is really all about you! We will work with your schedule and remember when you hire a team, you are hiring more than one person. No matter what it is, if you need us we are there for you.


​Call us anytime to get started!

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